Elegance made simple. Clean lines, clear views, and designed for DIY installation, no specialist tools required, all fittings are friction fit for easy installation, without compromising on strength.

Premium quality Stainless Steel wire balustrade system that will never go out of style.

Once you know your site measurements, use our online calculator to create a site plan and shopping list for your project. Print it, save it to your phone, or email it’s easy!

Quality Assured

» Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
» Friction fit terminal kits
» 1×19 Wire
» Suitable for residential applications where the fall is less than 1m to ground level. Prior to purchase check with your local council about Balustrade rules and regulations in your area


Designed for easy DIY, and long lasting appearance, all parts are marine grade 316 stainless steel.

System at a Glance

All components are highly polished Stainless Steel

Wire Kit

2 x 7250mm swaged 1×19 wire fitted with rigging terminals
2 x Friction Fit Fork terminals
Tensioning tool

Terminal Kit

2x Friction Fit Fork and Rigging terminals


Corner Posts, End Post, Join Post Size: 982 x 50.8mm

Spreader Post: 982 x 50 x 10mm


2600 x 50.8mm

Handrail Joiners

Fixed angle and variable joints, endcaps and wall mounts available as required


Swaged wire kit comes with 7200mm of wire, simply cut as required and use the Friction Fit Fork Terminal to finish the cut end. 1×19 construction 316 grade stainless steel wire rope is stronger than other types of stainless steel cable and has less stretch, it is also non flexible making it the quality choice for balustrade wire.

Terminal Kit

Friction fit terminals give you the ability to use any spare lengths of wire, so you save on wastage and cost.


Choose from corner, end and centre posts as required. Posts come assembled with standard curved handrail fitting, plus a flat fitting if you want to add your own wooden handrail. Use our calculator to easily estimate what you will need.


Highly polished handrail that matches the diameter of the posts. Fixed and variable angle joiners are available to ensure an expert looking finish.


Finish the job with handrail end caps and if required wall mount brackets.