All The Architects Choice products have been designed so you can install them yourself with basic DIY skills. Once you are familiar with how the systems go together it should be plain sailing. Below are install guides and some other useful information to help make the job easier, along with maintenance and warranty information.

Handling Glass

Due to the weight and nature of glass panels we recommend a two-person lift when moving the panels. When moving and storing the glass it is vital that the glass edges and corners never make contact with hard surfaces such as concrete or tiles.

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Installation Videos:

Easy-to-follow video guides on how to install your new glass balustrade.

DIY Glass Balustrade

Mini Post Setting Out

Post System Setting Out

PDF Installation Guides:

Below are easy-to-follow pdf install guides for the individual components of your new glass balustrade

Glass Systems Brochure

Friction Fit Handrail Installation

Top Fit Handrail Installation

Offset Handrail Installation

Post Installation

Mini Post Installation


Like all surfaces, stainless steel and aluminium requires cleaning to remove dirt and grime to keep it in pristine condition. The level of cleaning and maintenance required depends primarily on the environment, e.g. coastal situations, the surfaces will require regular washing to retain their good looks and prevent tea staining.

Environment Posts/Mini-Posts
Seafront Monthly
Coastal (within 5km of the coast) 6-12 months
Urban 6-12 months
Suburban Rural As required to maintain appearance

NOTE: Harsh abrasives should never be used on any polished metal surface.


Installation Notice

Suitable for residential applications where the fall is less than 1m to ground level. Prior to purchase check with your local council about pool and balustrade rules and regulations in your area. Wind Loads have not been considered. Please seek relevant wind load advice.

Warranty Information

Click here for complete information about the manufacturer's warranty.